Codependency is a Mental Illness – Codependent Confessions

Broken: Confessions of the Codependent Man (The Conflicted Copy) Purchase your copy – Http:// Submit Your Topic to – Mentally, codependent people are not thinking straight. That are drawn to dysfunctional relationships. Codependent people find it hard not to be enablers. They have an urge to care for others...

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Codependent Men are Gay

Men pick up this labels because they are doing the traditional tasks of women. Whether they are gay or not they are looking at as soft and weak because they are not acting in a traditional man rule. Broken: Confessions of the Codependent Man (The Conflicted Copy) Submit Your Topic...

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Needing to be Needed

As codependents we create an needy environment. We like when someone needs us. It gives us purpose. However, in most of our situations, people are over needing us to the point where they are taking too much of us. This neediness also drains us. We want to give and give...

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Broken: Confessions of a Codependent Man

Judge Everyone

Judge Everyone You Meet Judgement is need in every relationship. You need to determine if someone is allow to be in your circle or not. Do let poisonous people into your circle. Make a Judgement and then make a decision. If you found this video valuable, give it a like....

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Nikki and I – Get Out

At a grocery store in 2014, Nikki approached me as I was standing in life to pay. Nikki was a professional model and Facebook friend. We spoke often on Facebook but never met in-person. Nikki was a very beautiful woman. I was surprised that she even recognized me. Nikki’s hands...

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